What services can an OBM offer to help your business?

Hiring an OBM is a sensible and strategic choice when you’re ready for your business to grow. Unlike other online virtual assistants, an OBM has a deeper connection with you and your business. They’re usually hired to manage specific aspects of your business, as well as troubleshooting and streamlining others. If you want to refresh your mind as to what an OBM is, check out this.

However, if you’re used to outsourcing to a VA, it can be confusing knowing what exactly, an OBM will do to help your business.

Available OBM services

To make it easier for you, here’s a breakdown of the different types of services an OBM can offer. Services include:

Team Management

Your OBM is a capable team leader – they’re there to ensure everyone else gets their job done. This includes hiring your team members and subcontractors, as needed. The biggest thing you need to do is let go, so your OBM can effectively manage your team – freeing you up to focus on other things.

Standard Operating Procedures

You’re hiring an OBM to make sure your business operating procedures are both beneficial to your company, and being adhered to. If there’s an SOP that isn’t working, your OBM will address it and refine it so it is working for you.

Operations Management

By taking a detailed look at your business an OBM can identify what is going on at all levels of your business. By seeing the whole picture, they can help address any shortcoming ins your operations management and provide implementable solutions, so you can stay on track as a business.

System set up and management

An OBM has the guts to tell you what is and isn’t working with your systems and management. If something needs implementing or setting up, they can do so – and if it needs tweaking and changing, they’re able to.

Business strategy

OBMs are proactive, especially when it comes to your business strategy. They know what you want to achieve and they figure out how to make that happen for you. Your OBM will create and implement a strategy plan, delegating to the right people, at the right time.

Project Management

The role of Project Manager is something an OBM relishes. It enables them to run with an entire project, managing it on your behalf and delegating out tasks to other team members to ensure the project reaching a satisfying and complete conclusion.

Encouraging owners accountability

A big part of an OBMs job is to hold you accountable to your business goals. By working so closely with you, as well as knowing your business at a deeper level, an OBM can hold you accountable to your business vision.

If you want the relationship to work though, you need to see them more as a troubleshooter – and open enough to listen to their advice for the good of your business. After all, that’s what you’re employing them for!

If you’re ready to explore how an OBM can help your business reach the next level, why not get in touch. We can have a chat and see if I’m a good fit for your needs, before exploring the type of help will benefit your business most.

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