“You need the right people in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time – if you want your business to succeed…”

and if you want help to make that happen, I’m your gal!

I’m Jodye Laxton, an Online Business Manager (OBM) and serious systems and processes addict – blame that on my engineering and procurement background! I love evaluating your business and implementing systems and processes to help you reach your business goals. My background has helped me see how systems and processes are one of the most critical components of business success. But if you want them to work for your business, you need that other critical component – the people in your business to be on the same page as you.

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Are you ready for your business to succeed?

My clients will tell you, change isn’t always easy! They hire me because they value what I do and respect me enough to let me be direct and open about what’s needed. They trust that I will get the job done. Every. Single. Time.

So are you ready to upscale? Are you:

  • -Ambitious and proactive?
  • -Someone who loves what they do?
  • Ready to Implement Standard Operating Systems and processes in your business?
  • Needing someone to develop new systems to suit your needs?
  • Wanting to get everyone in your team, focused and working together?
  • Open-minded enough to recognise that, in order to grow your business further, you need to hand over some of that control?
  • Ready to step away from the operational side of your business and outsource it to a professional?

As your OBM my role is to ensure that no matter what your goals of where you want your business to be, I’m here to help you make it all happen. I pride myself on being able to do that. My recommendations may not always be welcome, but my clients trust that I have the expertise needed, to get them the results they want.

Are you ready to do the same?

If you’re ready to implement the type of change in your business that will enable you to reach your business goals – book in a discovery call and let’s talk options for making that happen!

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“We asked Jodye at Beyond Admin to liaise with a web design company to produce our website when we were launching our business. She provided invaluable information about marketing, social media provided and proof read content and got us up and running within the deadline which allowed us to concentrate on our day to day business. She was the consummate professional throughout and an absolute pleasure to work with and we would recommend her without hesitation”

My one big Why is actually two little ones…

I never intended to be a stay-at-home mum, but having my two children changed all that. My amazing little creations are 4 and 5 years old and are the total reason why I do what I do. I looked at going back to work, but my youngest has autism and needs a lot of support. She couldn’t handle being away from me for long periods of time and I found it incredibly frustrating, that there was a lack of suitable provisions for her needs.

Prior to having my kids, I loved the scale of what I’d been doing in my job, and I loved having a major impact on the companies I worked for. But I didn’t enjoy the standard 4 to 5-hour commute each day to get to that job! I needed a solution that was flexible and adaptable for my needs, so I created systems and processes that would cater for those needs – and my work-from-home career grew from there.

My previous roles had seen me working up from Office Junior to Buyer and project manager. I developed a love of admin, going on to study ECDL, Level 2 in Business Admin and an HND in Business Management. Over the years I’ve worked in a variety of sectors – including engineering, real estate and medical and I’m currently studying for a BSc STEM And Business degree with the Open University.

I know that change isn’t easy. But if we want to learn and grow, both as an individual and as a business, we need to put in the systems and processes that support us. I take great pride in being great at what I do – and I’d like to use those skills the help you be great at what you do.

If you’re ready to implement the type of change in your business that will enable you to reach your business goals – book in a discovery call and let’s talk options for making that happen!

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“Jodye has a proactive and professional approach to project work. She has the ability to be creative and, at the same time, practical. Highly recommended!”

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