Transcription Services

Transcription services provide clients with a text format document from audio/video files. Below you will find a list of organisations and businesses that might use transcription services and what they might be used for.


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Medical transcription has a crucial role within the healthcare sector. Providing timely access to accurate and reliable information, this service is often outsourced to preserve resources, we work with an array of medical professionals including doctors, nurses and other practitioners.


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As these professionals have a duty to report news accurately, many journalists choose to outsource transcription for the purposes of articles, features and press releases saving them time and resources.


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Legal transcription services are commonly used by judges, solicitors, police and other legal professionals. This ensures that details are recorded and presented accurately, minimising the possibility of misinterpretation.


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Transcription is useful for authors who share their stories through speaking rather than the more traditional ways of typing or writing. Writing is a long process which many distractions. Transcription services all you to do more with less effort and time involved. Beyond Admin also offer proofreading services, contact us for more information.


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Many educational organisations use transcription services to review and improve the quality and accessibility of materials. Transcriptions include dissertations, research, thesis, proof reading and note taking transcriptions.

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