Guide to Hiring a VA

It’s a daunting prospect, handing over an aspect of your business which you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into. A VA’s job is to make your life easier, allow you to spend less time on admin related tasks leaving you more time to make money.

The best thing about a VA is that unlike an employee, you are ONLY paying for the time you use. Not a second more!

But it’s really important that you find the right VA to support you and your business, there’s still lots you need to consider such as skill sets, personality type and most of all……you need to trust them!

Here’s what you need to know about working with a VA:

Know what you want to delegate beforehand. I recommend to spend a day or two tracking what’s taking up your time and determine which of those tasks you could reasonably delegate. This will also give you an indication as to how much time you spend doing these tasks. If you consider how much you could be earning during your “admin time” it will give you a clear indication as to whether a VA is financially viable.

There are many VA’s out there so take your time in finding the right VA for you. Be prepared to give them a small task to begin so you can see how they work before committing to further works. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out, just accept that this particular VA wasn’t the right fit for you.

Be prepared to sign a contract. Most VA’s will detail your expectations and cost it accordingly and will want a signed contract to protect both parties. Expect to put in time upfront, it will take a while for your VA to understand exactly what you need and the way in which you like to work. It’s highly recommended that you put time aside each week to speak to your VA and keep open the lines of communication. Document your conversations and be prepared to train them where necessary.

Get to know your VA and respect that they are a business owner in their own right. Remember, your VA is working to support their lives and family. Understand that you aren’t their only client and that they can’t drop everything when you need it. Some VA’s are happy to be on call for emergencies or for jobs with a quick turnaround but expect to pay a premium for these kind of services.

Please pay your VA promptly. It will help ensure that your working relationship stays strong and continues to be beneficial to both parties. If you do have an issue with payment, don’t ignore the subject, just pick the phone up and let us know. We’re human and we understand that sometimes things are beyond your control.

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