How to manage an overwhelming workload.

How to manage an overwhelming workload.

Let’s be honest, most of us go into business because we love what we do and we want to do it on our own terms. So when we find that the workload is becoming overwhelming, we tend to work longer hours to try and squeeze everything in. As a result, we find that our work-life balance is compromised and our stress levels are increased.

Here are my top tips to managing your workload:

  1. Set your priorities at the beginning of the day. By taking 5-10 minutes at the start of the day you can rank tasks by urgency and importance. This gives you a clear overview of what you’d like to accomplish that day.
  2. Allow for distractions. Distractions are inevitable so use your priority list as a guide. Do the urgent, important and the most difficult tasks first otherwise you’ll only procrastinate.
  3. Set aside times each day to check your emails. Nothing is more distracting than the ping of your inbox so don’t leave it open. By allocating times each day to check your inbox, you remove the pressure of having to respond immediately.
  4. Make use of technology. We live in a digital age and there’s a whole range of software and online tools which can help you streamline your processes. Contact us if you’d like some advice on an application to suit your business requirements.
  5. Be kind to yourself. Taking regular breaks will help you to organise your workload.
  6. Know your limits. It can be difficult to relinquish control of aspects of your business when you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it but letting go of the non critical tasks will allow you to focus on the tasks that generate revenue.
  7. Play to your strengths. Many of my clients tell me that they can do the admin, they just don’t like to. If you don’t enjoy doing a task you will put it off and in doing so, it becomes more challenging when you do get around to it. If you don’t enjoy it, find someone who does.
  8. Delegate. By delegating the tasks that you’re not confident in or that you simply don’t enjoy, it allows you to focus on the things that are important to you such as developing your business or creating a better work-life balance. The non time critical tasks can easily be handled by a VA.

Whether you are wanting to refocus on doing what you love or are planning to spend that extra time on the beach, reclaim your time and your workload.

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